Thank you ACTION & Rancho San Luis Rey mobile home park :)


So my very first forum was hosted by “ACTION” at the Rancho San Luis Rey mobile home park. I was so excited but quite nervous as this was my FIRST mayoral forum! I baked some brownies and they were a hit!

First, I was so  impressed at the caring nature of the people who lived their and the forum hosts: ACTION.  This is the acronym for Alliance of Citizens to Improve Oceanside Neighborhoods ( This is one of many mobile home parks that must be cherished and protected.

I was raised to always respect my elders and I have the utmost regard and a fondness for those that are like my mom & dad and my grandparents.  Times are not easy and especially  on a fixed income! Medication costs themselves can make or break a budget since Medicare does not cover prescriptions.

These are the golden years for many O’side residents and so they should be. Anything that can help to support the preservation of income is essential.  This most definitely includes the ability to stay and live in this town: the diamond of all So Cal coastal cities and most likely the place where many seniors have raised their families in. Controlling rent is so critical because it consumes most of the monthly income needed to survive AND live a good life.

Let’s continue to reduce the financial stress that burdens people’s minds (Veteran’s included) and instead focus on what can be done do add to a full and satisfying life.  Being social, eating well, going to the doctor, staying fit are what I want my parents to be doing and so I strongly feel the same about all senior’s and vets.

As a city, we have a fundamental duty to take care of those that took care of us and built the world we live in.

Thanks again for inviting me into your home and allowing me to listen to what you all have to say! Next time more brownies!

Cindy 🙂



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