Prop 64 | State Allowance of Recreational Marijuana

What are my views on Prop 64, state allowance of recreational marijuana, which will be voted on in November, and the city’s allowance of medical marijuana delivery?

Subjectively a simple yes or no appears easy but I delved in through a more objective lens.

I’ve read the amendment, legislative analyses’, and looked at countries where marijuana is legal like Spain. A straw poll of neighbors and parents yielded an overwhelming 73% saying YES. With the legalization of alcohol, it became a choice and when a criminal act occurs you go to jail.  If we diminish the criminal element and regulate products, we create legally owned and operated businesses and jobs.

Our city still maintains local control: licenses, locations, and taxation. This allows flexibility. We could use funds for fund increased law enforcement and pre-teen programs. Young children learn foreign languages readily so let’s teach them addiction prevention younger and allow adults the freedom to choose: a labeled, child-resistant container of marijuana or a pint of craft beer.

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