The laws that are meant to “protect us” are being sidestepped.

Oceanside is a diverse community and free enterprise will drive us forward, but… not at the expense of the unique character that this coastal town treasures or the lifestyle residents cherish.

For example, I believe we need to preserve and protect our public resources and not take fees in lieu from developers for things such as park dedications, environmental impacts and affordable living for people from various socio-economic groups.

The laws that are meant to “protect us” are being sidestepped. The impact zones where developments are built are not supposed to take away any of the public resources but added to so that parity is achieved.

If you build in Ranch Del Oro then money must go to the Rancho Del Oro community. The existing residents resources get stressed and if you have more people then you need to make sure that, for example, the existing kids and the new children will have park facilities for the growing population and schools large enough to provide an excellent learning environment: the developer fees are designed to protect and add value to the immediate residents!

When million dollar homes are built the laws should be followed and medium and lower income housing must be built and made available within a 3-mile radius. not segregated crowded housing with all low income, including seniors, to be housed on the exteriors of the coast and beyond.

The Coastal Act is quite clear about dividing the opportunity for all to live and enjoy, not the wealthy to the west and the pushing of the less affluent to the east.

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