Candidate Night @ Sunset Market


Candidates Night 9/29/16

At “Sunset”, I had some real quality conversations.

I listened & learned from concerned residents and, as always carry my little notebook with me to make sure I record what people have shared.

I was shown photographs of an area behind the Jr Seau Recreation Center down on the North Strand. The area behind the building, where it meets the cliff, is a collection of debris, including needles, feces, and a broken boys bathroom window.



We MUST support small businesses & entrepreneurs .. they are vital to our economy!

The city has gone through time and again to clean the area & the residents applauded the effort of OPD. However, what they see as a more long term solution is to actually wall off the area so that people can’t go there in the first place.

This couple hates to have the OPD constantly checking the area and they believe that walls and perhaps some barbed wire would be a better way to solve the problem.

Another single father expressed his concerns about a few issues. One was about how hard it was to transfer his little girl into our schools. He served our country for 25 years and had 2 purple hearts but it was the heart he felt for his daughter that moved me.  He was also highly concerned about music and art being the first to be cut from school programs.  Besides recess, art was always my favorite class. I cannot imagine it being taken away.

Beach Ball Frenzy & some other pics from the night

Special thanks to Jen Baldwin, for my new flyers, this website and being there and tossing beach balls to the kids, both young & old! !!






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