INCREASE job & housing diversity, public transit services, small business development, and confidence in local government.

REDUCE homelessness, outsourced consultants, and economic vulnerabilities.

PROTECT seniors & vets, environment & public resources, agriculture & open space, and your neighborhoods.

EXPECT  ”thoughtful” growth, specific & measurable results, and participatory government.

“Ask me about my first 100-day Tour of Duty”

What will I do for you?

  • Put People First
  • Lead with Passion , Live the Vision
  • Promote Participatory Government
  • Steward Responsible Development
  • Protect & Provide Parity & Balance

“You can’t fight city hall” is an all too common phrase. I became active in local politics because of what started to happen to my little coastal neighborhood, South O’.

A 38 unit 3 story townhome development was approved by Planning and City Council even after petitions from residents, residents speaking at public hearings and even an appeal made to City Council was disregarded.

I have read many documents and notice the trend: the exception has become the rule, appeals from residents are futile and the “voice of the people” falls upon deaf ears.

Oceanside is one of the last untainted coastal communities, ask anyone who lives here and they will tell you how much they love our city.

Businesses and developers want to be here. The town has evolved in the 20 years. Tourism is now a primary revenue stream for the City. Entrepreneurs, assorted retail, professionals, and corporations have a tremendous opportunity for growth and longevity.

Our housing inventory is growing but… why are the developers taking control and dictating our future?

Why not the people or the leaders who are empowered and accountable to be the stewards of our future?

I am a leader and a visionary but it’s not what I think or I say we should do… It’s only through the voice of the people, full fiscal transparency and a participatory government that the best outcomes will be yielded.

I an not running for money or a title or as a stepping stone as many do… it’s the desire in me to change city hall from the inside out is so strong and it is this passion that will drive me to lead us into the future and create a City for the kids of your kid’s kids that they too will come to love and enjoy.  This is my quest.

Please donate only if I have spoken to your heart and only give what you can afford. Call me if you would like to volunteer some time for waiving signs or other fun activities!

Thank you and respectfully yours,

Cindy Rocco